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About us

Dear business partner,

we allow to introduce you a company with foreign capital participation, INTERKONTAKT,which is based on inquiry of our services, created a representation in Slovakia in form of the company “ik“  INTERKONTAKT  a.s.

Till today, our company has several important business partners, which expressed big satisfaction with the company  "ik" INTERKONTAKT, thanks to attractive prices, quality services and adapting to new conditions and claims too. That’s why we would be glad to turn to you and tell you WHO is "ik" INTERKONTAKT a.s., WHAT offers and its AIM.

”ik” INTERKONTAKT is a company for international and inland forwarding with rich experiences in that area and qualified team of workers. Our company provides import, export and transit of goods between east and west Europe, transport to states of CIS. The aim of the company is to grant services to full satisfaction of you and your clients.








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